Fine Jewelry Care

We take pride in developing the finest pieces for you to enjoy wearing. Pieces such as these are staples in our everyday fashion. Please refer to your care card on how to best keep your piece looking like new.

The best advice we can offer, is when in doubt, count it out, and store it for later.

Tucker James is not responsible for the maintenance of your jewelry but always here to help guide you.

Best practices for Fine Jewelry Care:


While gold is tarnish resistant, it can get dirty, smudged, or scratched. To care for your fine jewelry, we recommend cleaning it with a mild detergent or ammonia solution. You can use a soft brush but avoid using an abrasive material as it can scratch the gold. Be sure to rinse and wipe clean. Always opt for a soft cloth to clean or wipe dust away.

White Gold:

White gold is a beautiful material but needs care occasionally to bring back the luster of the silver coloring. We encourage you to work with your local jeweler for this care.


We use the best quality of materials in our pieces. To keep your stones sparkling and clean, use warm water and a mild detergent. Please contact us when in doubt.