The Brand 2



Kimberly’s love for jewelry began at an early age, when events and special occasions were commemorated with a piece of jewelry. After spending many years in the luxury industry, she entered into the jeweler culture in 2014. Kimberly immersed herself in the business, learning intricate details of manufacturing and the design process while continuing her education at the Gemological Institute of America. Turning a dream into a reality, Kimberly founded Tucker James Designs in 2017. Her ardent desire is to create distinctive pieces for her clients that serve as beautiful reminders to mark milestones and create memories.

Kimberly believes jewelry is timeless, and no occasion should go without it. The pieces should be wearable, effortless, and classic. Most pieces in the line can be customized to be as exclusive as the person wearing it. Whether you're celebrating your own personal milestone, or someone else’s, there’s a piece to mark every occasion or just because.

It was important to Kimberly to keep the business where she felt inspired to create the brand. With all the local talent and beauty, she continues to work with artisans and jewelers using the best materials, made for you, in Chicago.